Film Licences and Filmbankmedia

Fri 22 May 2015

You'll need to get a film licence - sometimes called a screening licence - if you want to show a film in public. The majority of our Suffolk Cinema Members use Filmbankmedia for their licences - Filmbankmedia is a UK distributor of film licences, DVDs and Blurays, on behalf of the major film studios.

To join Filmbankmedia you need to complete the application form on their website and return it to them with a deposit of £150 (this is refundable when you close your account).

You can book films for your screenings via their website or by phone. They have an extensive film catalogue and you can search by film title on their website.

This is the (slightly) complicated bit but get in touch with us or with Filmbankmedia if you need help! -

The way Filmbankmedia will deal with your group does depend on whether they categorise your screenings as either 'commercial' or 'non-commercial'. Even if your group is not setting out to make a commercial profit, Filmbankmedia will class your screenings as 'commercial' if:

  1. The general public can turn up
  2. You charge admission
  3. You advertise the screening with a specific film title

When you apply for an account, you should explain whether you plan to operate along the lines above - 'commercial' - or whether yours is a members-only film club, for which members pay an annual subscription only (this is considered 'non-commercial'). If in doubt, contact Filmbankmedia and discuss it directly with them.

If Filmbankmedia categorizes your screenings as 'commercial', you'll submit a return after each screening, stating how many tickets were sold and what the ticket income was. Filmbankmedia provide a form for this. You'll then be invoiced for 35% of the ticket income (minimum £84), plus VAT and postage.  FilmBank Website

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