Sat 23 May 2015

Projectionist Training

We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable using the kit - tech savvy or otherwise! - and we provide full training for all new members (and any existing members who want a refresher). Get in touch to find out about the next training date.

Automatic Event 'Insurance'

Our Affiliate members can borrow any of our digital projection equipment if their equipment becomes faulty or damaged. Let us know you're having trouble and we'll make sure you can book the equipment from your nearest venue, meaning you’re back in business. If you consider that projector hire alone costs from £80 a day, your membership fee is soon covered. And of course, you can borrow the equipment as many times as you like until your own kit is fully functional again.

Networking and Mentoring

We offer networking opportunities for members to meet each other and pick up handy hints and tips on programming choices and how to make their events a success. We also have training opportunities through our relationship with the BFI's Film Audience Network and we usually run several projects each year - from our WW1 season, to our Families film season, our exploration of archive film and our celebration of women in film - where we can help with licence fees, marketing and event costs.


Fri 22 May 2015

Joining the network couldn’t be easier - simply click on the link below.

Membership costs £30 per year, which includes use of the the cinema kits as often as you like. If you already have your own equipment, you can become an Affiliate member for just £15 per year. As an Affiliate, you can publicise your events on our website and social media channels, get expertise in marketing and film programming, take part in our film seasons and funded projects, and use our kits in an emergency.

Fri 22 May 2015

Suffolk Cinema Network is a non-profit organisation that helps communities across Suffolk to run their own, local film screenings

Community Cinema is growing in popularity - and we can help you get started.

We'll give you access to our four digital cinema kits around the county, plus training on how to use the kit and advice and support to run a licensed film screening. We have members all over Suffolk and the surrounding areas, screening films in village halls, schools, libraries, churches, outbuildings and barns!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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